cereale de aur

Cereale de Aur SRL is a subsidiary of the WeTrade group of companies SRL, which has been operating since 2014. The main activity of Cereale de Aur SRL is the production, processing, wholesale and export of a wide range of agricultural products, including confectionery sunflower and sunflower seed kernels. The processing of crops is carried out at the production facilities of the WeTrade SRL company (Soroka, RM), which has more than 20 years of experience. The plant is equipped with modern technological equipment, which is capable of processing seeds of various agricultural crops, specializes in processing confectionery sunflower and extracting the kernel of sunflower seeds. For these purposes, the plant was re-equipped in 2018, including the installation of modern additional technological equipment for primary cleaning, calibration, packaging and quality control of the finished product. The company is also actively engaged in the purchase of agricultural products of major crops (rapeseed, fodder wheat and food, barley, yellow peas, oilseed sunflower, corn, sorghum) and its further sale for export.
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